9 Controller fault.


This eScooter is the second edition from Hover-1 and came to market in 2018. .

E-Scooter Maintenance Guide.

Simply locate the.

The small light on the charger will turn green when you plug the charger into an outlet. With the lightweight chassis of 20 pounds and collapsible handlebar, the Hover-1 Eagle was designed with portability in mind. 9 Controller fault.

Electric scooter brakes may stay in a semi-active position which affects speed.

96 mb, in the language: English. E1- Electrical components There can be several reasons why this error code appears. ) Step3.

Reset an electric scooter can be done with a few procedures that we list below. .

Pure Electric App.

96 mb, in the language: English.

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- Plug the charging cable into the Eagle scooter. .

Readjust the battery, stick the charger in and reboot the bike.
Each Hover-1™ Rideable comes with a User Manual, covering all warnings and fire-hazards, step-by-step instructions, assembly information, and more to help you with your ride.

Aug 19, 2019 · Here goes: Step 1.

Electric scooters are not to be used on footpaths, cycle lanes or roads in the UK.

Dec 27, 2021 · H1 FOLDING E-BIKE Contents hide 1 Precautions for use 2 Safe use of the product 3 Preparation before riding 4 Electrical schematic 5 Folding stepsRiding Operation 6 About the battery 7 Battery removal and charging instruction 8 COM PONENT DESCRIPTION 9 Maintenance and repair 10 Troubleshooting 11 Documents / Resources 12 Related Posts Precautions for Continue reading "HIMO H1 Folding. Try readjusting it as well. .

. May 11, 2021. . Wait around 5 minutes after turning off the scooter. . .

Make sure you always ride safely with our range of helmets.

Pure Air Pro LR. Replace the fuse and switch on the electric scooter.


Why is my electric scooter not working? If your electric scooter suddenly stops running, the circuit breaker has likely tripped.

Pure Electric manuals; Connecting to the Pure App; Incorrect Pin Code - Air³ and Advance; Air³ Model Selection in App; App troubleshooting / forgotten pin code; My handlebars are stuck - Pure Advance; Slow running speed / flashing lights; My battery doesn’t last long / short range; I can’t find my stem bolts; Changing between MPH and.


The Hover-1 Folding eScooter is an electronically powered scooter that is used for personal transportation.