zksync. Since you have received testnet tokens that are supported on Nexon Markets App, you can begin using the platform.

Note: Since we are collaborating with SyncSwap to implement this faucet, any tokens claimed from the SyncSwap faucet will not be dripped.

zkSync is next! Don’t.

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RT @KhiUtMonkeyteam: Hướng dẫn testnet dự án #Zkswap trên chain #Zksync_Era_testnet Có 55% SZKE token cho cộng đồng.

1 ETH worth of ZKS tokens for free every 24 hours. A testnet is a test network that allows developers and users to experiment with a decentralized applications (dapps) without publishing their contract to the main network. zkSync Ultimate Airdrop Guide The zkSync token(and airdrop) is coming sooner than we think.

me/freecoin68/9424 ️ Telegram Chanel chia sẻ airdrop Uy tín Hàng Ngày. .

Velocore is a decentralized trading platform deployed on zkSync Era on March 31, 2023, providing exchange services for ERC20 tokens such as ETH and USDC.

May 26, 2022 · Introduction.

Please claim some tokens from the zkSync Portal first for gas. People made $1000.

. Mainnet: targeting August 2021.

All of these don’t have tokens and could possibly airdrop.

Within the L2 transaction, tokens will be minted and sent to the specified address on L2.


0: Timeline Public testnet: May 2021. We are excited to announce that DOMANI Protocol is deploying on the zkSync 2. Feb 24, 2023 · webpage under "zkTools”.

. You can request tokens from our faucet for testing, once per account. . . .


Please claim some tokens from the zkSync Portal first for gas. --.

Crypto Swap.


Để làm testnet và airdrop trên zkSync, các bạn cần gửi khoảng 20 USD vào ví zkSync.


Nexon Finance: Claim tokens at the top corner and supply all the test tokens and max borrow using the platform.